New Equipment To Rent

New Item for Rent. Trac Skidloader with trailer $240 per day plus tax.

Air compressors

Truxaw Rentals, LLC carries Ingersoll Rand portable electric and portable gasoline 9 CFM air compressors, as well as, the towable diesel 185 CFM compressor. Call or come by for more information on rental of this equipment.

Truxaw Rentals offers the Kubota Compact Backhoe, Allmand Compact Backhoe and Bobcat Mini-Excavator. These pieces of equipment offer incredible performance with digging strength and digging depth when trenching, landscaping, material handling and more. Come by Truxaw Rentals and let us help you with your rental needs.

Truxaw Rentals carries what you need to get your floors in shape.

Equipment Available:

  • 13" Floor Polisher
  • 13" Floor Polisher Attachment
  • 17" Heavy Duty Floor Polisher
  • 17" Floor Polisher Attachment
  • 17" Concrete Block Attachment
  • 17" Disc Sandpaper Attachment
  • Rug Kicker
  • Rug Stretcher
  • Carpet Iron
  • Carpet Trimmer
  • Floor Tile Stripper
  • Linoleum Roller


When you need to cut steel or wire mesh or cut and bend rebar come to Truxaw Rentals. We carry Bolt Cutters and Rebar Cutter/Benders. Come to Truxaw Rentals and let us help you with all your rental needs. Our staff is happy to answer your questions and help you find what you need.


We rent Scaffolding by the "Section"

1 section is 5 ft. wide, 5 ft. high, 7 ft. long

1 section includes 2 end frames & 2 cross braces

Wheels for scaffolding are called "casters", we rent casters by the set (4 casters in a set).

Other scaffolding components for rent are:

  • Aluminum Walk Planks
  • Guard Rail Sets
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Side Brackets
  • Base Plates
  • Safety Pins (No charge unless lost)
  • Ladders

Extension Ladders

  • 24 ft., 32 ft., 40 ft.
Step Ladders
  • 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft.


At Truxaw Rentals we offer several different trenchers to meet your needs. We carry both walk behind for a variety of trenching applications and ride on trenchers to provide extra power and depth.

Trenchers available are:

  • 9 HP Walk-behind wheel trencher, Ditch Witch Mod 1030
  • 15 HP Walk-behind track trecher with backfill blade Ditch Witch Mod RT12
  • 30 HP Riding trencher, 6" center cut with backfill blade Ditch Witch Mod TR40
  • 30 HP Riding Trencher, 12" cut slide boom with backfill blade Ditch Witch Mod RT40

Let our friendly staff help you find the correct trencher for your needs.

Yard Work

Truxaw Rentals has everything you need to get your lawn in shape and keep it beautiful.

Available for rental:

  • Hand Tools
  • Axes, Hoes, Shovels, Rakes, Picks, etc...
  • Leaf Blower
  • Push Type Lawn Mower 22"
  • Riding Mower 48", Zero Turn
  • Lawn Mower, 28" High Grass
  • Magnetic Plate on Wheels for nail clean-up
  • Large Tree Pruning Saw, mixed gasoline
  • Small Tree Pruning Saw, mixed gasoline
  • Sprayer, hand pump
  • Stump Grinder
  • Front Tine Garden Tiller
  • Rear Tine Garden Tiller
  • Weed Trimmers, mixed gasoline

Truxaw Rentals offers Bobcat Model S175 Skidloader, a versitle high powered piece of equipment to aide in construction, landscaping, demolition and farming.

Specialized accessories for the Skidloader includes:

  • Standard/Tooth Bucket
  • Posthole Digger
  • Fork Lift and Grapple

Also available at Truxaw Rentals is the John Deere 3203 Tractor with 5 ft. mower.

A wide variety of Floor Sanders, Hand Held Grinders and Saws are available for rent at Truxaw Rentals.

Available Saws:

  • 16" Bar Chainsaw, Mixed Gasoline
  • 20" Bar Chainsaw, Mixed
  • Chop Saw for cutting metal bar, electric
  • Circular, 7 1/4" Diameter, electric
  • Hand-held Cutoff Saw, Mixed gasoline 14" abrasive or 14" Diamond Blades
  • Door Jam Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw, "Sawzall"
  • 8" Tile Saw with wet diamond blade
  • 10" Tile Saw with wet diamond blade
  • 14" Brick Saw
  • Toe-Kick Saw

Sanders & Grinders

  • Floor Sander, 8" Drum
  • Floor Edger Sander, 7 & 7/8" Disc
  • Hand-held Grinder, 7" Disc
  • Hand-held Grinder, 4.5" Disc

Truxaw Rentals offers rental tools for any job. Air Tools and Accessories for Paving/Concrete Breaking, Backfill Tamper and Impact Wrench. A variety of Automotive Tools are also available ranging from Battery Chargers, Floor Jacks, Pullers and Transmission Jack. Truxaw Rentals has drills and Demoltion tools also available for rental.

Tools for Rent - Air Tools, Automotive Tools, Drills, and Demolition Hammers

Truxaw Rentals offers several trailer sizes for rental purposes.

  • 5' x 10' single axle orange, Tilt, Limit 1500lbs.
  • 5' x 10' double axle orange, Ramp Gate, Limit 2000lbs.
  • 6'4" x 16' double axle, orange, not ramps, Limit 2000lbs.
  • 6' x 16' double axle, black, 48" sides, not ramps Limit 2000lbs.
  • Optional set of ramps for trailers without attached ramps.

Truxaw Rentals has plumbing and sewer equipment available to rent.

  • Pipe Wrenches (24" & 36")
  • Plumbers Kit
  • Hand crank sewer snake, 75 ft of 1/2" cable
  • Electric crank sewer snake 75 ft of 1/2" cable
  • Electric crank sewer snake 100 ft of 3/4" cable

Generators For Rent

8000 watt (120/240 volt) diesel generator/lighter tower is available to rent. We also offer 3700 watt and 5600 watt (120/240 volt gasoline generators. Stop by Truxaw Rentals for your generator rental needs.

Truxaw Rentals offers a 75,000 BTU/HR Radiant Propane Heater and a 44" Diameter Porta-Breeze Fan to rent to their customers.

Truxaw Rentals offers a variety of Moving equipment to fit your moving needs. The available moving equipment includes:

  • Utility Trailers
  • Appliance Dollies
  • Piano Dollies
  • Chain Binders (Boomers)
  • Chains

Have a painting job and in need of equipment?

Stop by Truxaw Rentals, we have what you need.

We offer:

  • Airless Paint Sprayers
  • Acoustic Gun
  • Compressor
  • Hopper

Truxaw Rentals offers both Industrial and Upright Vacuums. The Upright Vacuum is for dry floor or carpet and the Industrial Vacuum is a 20-Gallon wet/dry vacuum on rollers. Stop by Truxaw Rentals for your vacuuming needs.

  • John Deere Gator 4 x 4 Diesel 855D Open cab with windshield and roof
  • Kubota 4 x 4 Diesel Open cab
  • Polaris Ranger 4 x 4 Diesel Open cab with windshield and roof

Rentals Daily, Weekly or Monthly Call for our low monthly rates!